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Tiny Turnip Player Spotlight
Inspiration for our Tiny Turnip Characters comes from YOU!

Introducing a new Tiny Turnip Character in our Spring 2013 line up, Tough Girl Teddy. Not only strong and brave, but fun loving and sweet. Ready to tackle whatever comes her way, head on! Inspired by little Theodora (Teddy) Bailey, the daughter of Boston Red Sox pitcher, Andrew Bailey and his wife Amanda.

The most amazing gift to her parents, Teddy came into the world 6 weeks premature. Knowing she would need to stay in the hospital for precautionary reasons, they still were not expecting what came next. Within 24 hours of her new life, Teddy had to undergo surgery and endure many other challenges. As new parents Amanda and Andrew were consumed with emotion. They turned to each other, their families and God. Knowing that God had a plan for Teddy and trusting He would watch over her.

Today, Teddy is a beautiful, happy and healthy 6 month old baby girl. She loves to sing songs and of course, eat toys. She is one of the toughest little cookies that her parents know, and like all cookies, she is oozing with sweetness! Her mother Amanda, says," Teddy reminds me each and every day to be thankful to God, And that with faith anything is possible."

Teddy with her parents at 3 months old,

ready to watch Dad's baseball game in her Tiny Turnip.

Created in Memory of Maddie James
June 11, 2005 - March 13, 2011

50% of any order with Maddie James on it, will go directly to
the Maddie James Foundation and the Maddie James Seaside
Learning Center in Dana of Maddie's favorite places to go.

Delaney Perez

Meet Delaney Perez!

O.K, so thanks to you all, we have been so busy that our "Player of the Month", has turned into "Player of the Season!"And what better season to feature this special young lady!

My name is Delaney Perez and I am 10 years old. I love to play soccer, piano and the viola. Building playgrounds in Louisiana means that I'm building hope for people that have lost their hope. Over the last three years I've been to Louisiana five times and I have helped to build four playgrounds. The best part about it is that we're helping people in need. I enjoy building, and knowing that I'm doing something right. The kids need people to be rebuilding soon because Hurricane Katrina happened over four years ago. Everything is still ruined and destroyed from it. At the end of the week, when the playground is done, when I see the kids go out to play on it I feel that this was the best way to show my love and care for other people.

Delaney just helped build a forth playground last month for the KIDS OF KATRINA. Before going we had asked her to take part in our "BALL"erina photoshoot and captured some great photos of her doing something she loves... soccer and playing, then she went and did something else she loves... helping others and showing love!!

Thanks Delaney, for your inspiration!

Introducing Sammy Tornberg! All smiles and lots of teeth!

Sand in her eyes? No Problem! Dirt on her shirt? Of course! Shoes on her feet? No way! Hair brushed? NEVER!
Meet the inspiration behind our Spatacular January 2009 told by her Mom!

Sammy Tornberg!

"Sammy is my little independent, friendly, messy, girly, bossy, stubborn, sweet and funny 2 1/2 year old! She loves to get down in the dirt and get messy...but also likes to play dress up! She doesn't like her hair brushed, but loves to go get her hair cut & styled. She is a big helper and must do everything herself!! Everyone who meets Sammy falls in love with her! And as a friend of mine always says, "I have to come and get my Sammy fix". She's amazing and I'm so glad she's ours!" I don't know what to say, Sammy is Sammy :)

Submitted by, Kelly Tornberg, proud Mom, and Sammy's biggest Fan...(OK, besides Dad!)

It is so refreshing how kids are so free and always themselves! They don't worry about looking or acting a certain way. Or worry that others won't like them the way they are! They are quick to find beauty in everything and everyone.

So, this year...May we all celebrate the "Samminess" in ourselves and others!